Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 1952, Robert Morgan’s early interest in art was fueled by the rich traditions of the Berkshires/ Hudson Valley region. Even though Bob lived in Buenos Aires, London, Boston, and San Francisco among others, he recently returned to the area of his youth and lives in the Taconic Mountains of Petersburgh, NY, with his artist wife Pennie Brantley.

Bob’s work sprang from the delicate, sensitive watercolors abundant in the 300 year history of the region, but his work has grown into huge, textured, densely hued, sculptured pieces that invite a wide, participatory view and reverse the traditional view of the watercolor medium.

After exhibiting in numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries on both US coasts, Bob was featured in a major retrospective at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was also honored with a prestigious MacDowell Colony Fellowship.